Nano Ceramic Coating 

Road & Mountain Bikes

Ceramic Coating uses the next generation in ceramic nanotechnology. Specially formulated to work on all Bikes no matter what environment they are being used in. Can be applied directly to all surfaces including paint, metal, titanium, Carbon fibre and plastics ( including vinyl ). This means the entire bike frame will be protected from everyday elements by creating a ceramic barrier which also make cleaning easy thanks to the hydrophobic properties. Protect your bike!

  • Upgraded hydrophobic    
  • Upgraded hardness
  • Anti-static: Non-oily/resists dust retention
  • Upgraded UV protection
  • Upgraded corrosive protection
  • Heat tolerance: 1200 ĚŠ F
  • Up to 3 year durability

Flat Rate any size bicycle $200

Call if you need to ship your frame or full bicycle 865-361-3137