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Benefits of Waxing Your Car:

  • Ease of application – Car waxes are one of the easiest forms of protection to apply. It’s a simple spread on and wipe off product!
  • Versatility – They can also be applied to wide variety of vehicles and finishes including car, truck, boat, bike, RV, aircraft, personal watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, tractor/farm equipment, golf cart, snowplow, exterior gel coat, fiberglass, clear coat, single stage, lacquer paints and highly finished wood. You will find your self using the same wax for many different things!
  • Cost effectiveness – Some of the best waxes on the market that we offer are extremely low cost. Not only that, but they go an extremely long way with each application using minimal product.
  • Tried and true – Car wax is one of the oldest most tried and true forms of protecting a vehicles paint! Again it may not be the longest lasting or best protectant but it absolutely has a time and place in every detailers arsenal. Some waxes provide almost a year of protection with very little work involved.
  • Damage reduction – Car wax will help minimize the damage caused by scratches, wash marring, bird droppings, bugs, and UV rays!

Tips for How To Get Your Car To Shine:

  • The first step to getting the best shine on your car is to properly clean and wash your ride. Removing all dirt from your vehicle protects it from scratches that may occur during the waxing and polishing process. In addition, you should use the right car wash mitts for the job.
  • After removing contaminants from your car, Use an IRON REMOVER then the next step is to remove any blemishes and paint marks using high-quality polishing products. Car polishing compounds will restore your vehicle’s paint, providing a lasting, smooth finish.
  • No job is complete without the right tools, and polishing pads are essential for the compound’s proper application. Buffing pads ensure a smooth finish and restore your paint to perfect condition.
  • After polishing, you must seal and protect the beautiful finishes. Coatings and spray waxes will seal your car’s paint, ensuring long-lasting results. Use a microfiber applicator for a flawless outcome.

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