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A lot of products claim to have SiO2 technology, but what exactly is SiO2? Scientifically speaking, SiO2, also called silica dioxide, is found in nature as quartz. It is meant to provide a rock-hard layer of protection to your surfaces. It has the characteristics of being water repellent, hard and self-healing. SiO2 bonds with itself intensely, creating a large amount of surface tension. This surface tension prevents water from bonding to the surface at all. Instead, the water will bond with itself, creating water beads.

Water beading is helpful because it allows the water to be easily removed from the surface, either because it rolls off due to wind, because it is on an angled panel, or thanks to a dryer or drying towel. Because the water does not remain on the surface, it will not evaporate on the surface. You don’t want the water evaporating on the surface, because the minerals inside the water will still remain on the surface, causing a water spot.Water spots can easily ruin how even the most cared for car looks!
And no one likes water spots on their paint, windows or even wheels. Luckily, SiO2 prevents these water spots!

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