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Waxing. There’s so much gratification witnessing your car transform from a plain clean look to a sparkling diamond. That is what waxing does.

Reason: Beyond the advantage of giving your ride that car show glow, waxing creates a layer of protection that shields your finish from the destructive effects of pollution and the elements. It is a necessary step in preserving your four-wheeled investment.

Depending on the quality of wax you use, protection from a single application can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Usually, the best waxes come in paste form. Frequency of use can be every one and a half to two months during the dry season, and monthly during the rainy season. This is provided you can properly execute a waxing session. Some waxes come with instructions on how often it is recommended to be applied. You can either follow that or go the extra mile by adding extra layers from the usual applications.

Tip: If you have extra funds, try and stock on a quality carnauba wax and synthetic wax with nano technology. You can perform a double waxing method wherein you start with the synthetic wax, buff away, then finish off with a coat of the carnauba wax for added shine and extra protection. This would be great in preparation for the onslaught of summer’s blistering heat or the attack of monsoon rains. It also increases the interval between applications. Synthetic waxes provide powerful protection from pollution and UV damage while naturally-derived waxes provide unsurpassed shine with a commendable degree of protection as well.

In summary, create your car care habit with these three approaches using good judgment and time interval management. You will reap the fruits of long-term ownership satisfaction and possibly save you money from a repaint in the future.


Even though most people have their own ideas on the frequency and scheduling of cleaning and waxing a vehicle, there are no firm promises made by manufacturers. As such, it can often be a good idea to stick to the general rule of thumb of waxing once per three month period.

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