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Does you truck,car,or suv have a cool matte paint? Do not know how to protect it?

I love matte paint jobs on cars and trucks, some of my favorite cars that come from the factory with matte paint jobs are ; 2016 BMW i8 matte Frozen Grey and matte Frozen Blue ; 2017 Audi R8 – Camouflage Green Matte ; Lamborghini Aventador – six matte paint colors (including a range of Batmobile-worthy blacks and grays)


Whether a paint job on a car is matte or glossy depends almost entirely on the clear coat applied to it. The high gloss that we associate with a new or recently cleaned car is because of its clear coat. The clear coat fills any dips or divots in the car’s base coat to create a smooth surface. That clear coat is then buffed and waxed to further smooth and perfect the car’s surface.

Westin Chevy

After a traditional clear coat has been added, a car is reflective and shiny.

A car with a matte finish will have a clear coat that creates tiny dimples in it to prevent it from reflecting light. This gives it a flat finish that stands out and can be incredibly attractive.

Because the matte finish is in the clear coat, not in the paint itself, any color can be matte. Though most matte cars are black, really every color in the rainbow is an option.

Stats Auto Spa provides on your matte paint job-

A breakthrough in ceramic coating technology, the Matte Paint Coating is the first ever self-healing, long-lasting, 100% solids ceramic coating for matte paint. Keep your matte paint looking new with 5+ years of protection against fine scratches, contaminants and UV fading.

Maintains Appearance

A quick primer on matte finishes: they get their flat appearance from the way light reflects off the microscopic imperfections in their surface. Most ceramic coatings fill in these imperfections, creating a gloss that totally ruins the muted look. Realizing this, we formulated Matte Paint Coating Pro to instead adhere to the imperfections, preserving the matte sheen while still providing ultra-durable protection.

Elastomeric Self-Healing

Matte Paint Coating Pro’s elastomeric technology makes it a cut above our original Matte Paint Coating, durability-wise. Here’s how it works: Matte Paint Coating Pro creates a cross-linked bond to build an elastomeric nanostructure that flexes and self-heals. So when you have Matte Paint Coating Pro installed on your vehicle, minor abrasions will even themselves out over time without the need for a heat gun, plus your coating will flex with your body panels so they won’t buckle under minor distortion. Matte Paint Coating Pro doesn’t just resist – it bounces back.

Long-Lasting Durability

While our original Matte Paint Coating had a solid longevity, Matte Paint Coating Pro is truly in it for the long haul. With a fully inorganic 100% solids formula, prep product to ensure proper bonding, and an elastomeric nanostructure, Matte Paint Coating Pro is absolutely built to last. We stand by this technology firmly, so we warranty authorized installations for 5 years. With regular cleaning and occasional maintenance, your coating will continue to perform for years on end.

How Does It Work?

When applied, Matte Paint Coating Pro uses the anchor points provided by the included Matte Paint Coating Prep to form an elastomeric bond with the surface, creating a self-healing, superhydrophobic nanostructure.

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