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Services Offering

  • Hand Waxing
  • Paint Correction ( Stage 1 & 2 )
  • UV Protection for Leather and Dash
  • Steam Cleaning & Fabric Protection
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Ceramic Coating (REAL, not the spray type) up to Lifetime Warranty
  • Metal Polishing (heavy duty industry, trailer restoration, custom trucks, and semi trucks)
  • Ceramic Coatings For HOME ( Stainless Steel Appliances, granite, marble countertops , showers, glass, sinks ,etc.)
  • Mobile Available ($200 Min)

Ceramic Coating

Protection of Ceramic Coating has a very special set of properties that set it apart from other paint protection products. In relation to its thickness, it is about 200 times stronger than hardened steel. Ceramic is harder than diamonds. Ceramic is the best conductor of heat (UV), is best at repelling dirt and water (hydrophobicity) and is totally transparent since you can’t see an atom. Protects against UV Light, Weathering, Acid Rain, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Even Small Scratches.

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